Guerrilla Cambridge studio Closing Soon : Sony

Guerrilla Cambridge

Guerrilla Cambridge studio Closing Soon : Sony is closing Guerrilla Cambridge, the developer of PlayStation VR game Rigs Mechanised Combat League. The studio was formerly SCEE Cambridge, and was in operation for 19 years. Guerrilla Games’ main studio in Amsterdam, where PlayStation 4-exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn is being made, will not be affected. “Within [Sony Interactive Entertainment] Worldwide Studios, we have a regular process of review in order to consider projects coming to completion Read more […]

Windows 10 PC could soon lock itself when you step away from it

Windows 10

The Windows Central blog is suggesting that a feature called Dynamic Lock, which appears in the list of features for recent test builds of Windows 10, does just that and is being tested by Microsoft ahead of a possible release to the public. According to the report, Microsoft refers to the feature internally as “Windows Goodbye”, a reference to the existing Windows Hello feature which uses cameras to unlock a PC by facial recognition. It’s not known if the Dynamic Lock could use the Read more […]

Uber calendar integration is now going live


When the Uber app received a major makeover in November of last year, the ride-sharing service promised that it will be adding a feature to integrate the native calendar app of the smartphones of users. Just a couple of months after, the feature is now being rolled out to Uber customers on iOS devices, offering an easier way to request for rides. Calendar App Integration On Uber Through a post in the Newsroom section of  official website, the company announced that it has started rolling Read more […]

HTC new flagship phone has second screen, but no headphone jack


HTC is getting 2017 off to a flying start with an unseasonably early announcement of its next flagship phone: the U Ultra. This 5.7-inch device inaugurates a new U series of smartphones and is joined by a smaller and lesser U-Play, which scales things down to 5.2 inches and a humble camera and processor spec. HTC is touting a new Sense Companion, which is its take on the growing trend for putting AI assistants into phones, plus the addition of a second screen at the top of the U Ultra. As with Apple’s Read more […]

KFC New Facial Recognition Software Can Predict a Customer Order


KFC : Are automation and robots poised to takeover fast-food service in China? Not quite yet, according to The Guardian whose reporter recently visited Beijing’s first “smart” KFC. The fried chicken restaurant located in the city’s financial district was recently outfitted with a facial recognition system designed to predict customer orders based on age, mood, and sex. It also apparently tells you whether or not you’re “beautiful.” Chinese tech company Baidu helped develop the software, Read more […]

Nissan Micra production begins in France

Nissan Micra

Nissan Micra: Nissan has commenced the manufacturing of its new Micra at its Flins manufacturing plant in France and with the first cars rolling off the line in the company has confirmed that it will begin deliveries to Nissan retailers and customers will mid-February in its European markets. The new Nissan Micra is manufactured at Flins, France, at a plant operated by Nissan’s Alliance partner Renault. The new Micra is the first Nissan passenger car to be built in a Renault plant in Europe, Read more […]

Japan space agency postpones launch of mini rocket

Japan space agency

Japan space agency : The launch of an experimental fin-stabilized Japanese rocket with a shoebox-sized CubeSat was scrubbed Tuesday, pushing back a test flight to demonstrate how companies and institutions can inexpensively put small satellites in space. The modified sounding rocket, designated the SS-520-4, was scheduled to fire into the sky from the Uchinoura Space Center in southern Japan’s Kagoshima prefecture at 2348 GMT (6:48 p.m. EST) Tuesday, or 8:48 a.m. Japan Standard Time Wednesday. Japanese Read more […]

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