Buying a second hand smartphone? This news is for you, though!

It is now common to buy smartphones in second hand. For the most part, second-hand phones are good and are sold by real people. Some, however, have been cheating on second-hand phone sales in favor of the online market recently. Delhi Police has warned second-hand phone buyers to be vigilant. There are three things to be careful about when buying a second-hand phone.

If someone is trying to sell you a phone, it could be a stolen phone somewhere. And the second thing is, if the seller demands a cash payment rather than online payment, it means that he cares for no payment records online. Third .. QR code payments. If a cellphone salesperson specifically asks you to pay by QR code .. you should know that it is possible to ask for money without knowing who is paying. So buyers should beware of second-hand phones through apps like OLX and Quikr!

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