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When it comes to choosing a headset, we are often puzzled. In addition, it takes a lot of research If we want to buy waterproof headphones. If you are a swimmer or a surfer, you can listen to the best music even underwater with waterproof headphones. Wireless headphones are not enough, because some of them do not work effectively underwater. Today in this article we are going to discuss some of the 7 Best waterproof headphones that allow you to enjoy music even underwater.

IPX Rating

The IPX rating is the rating by which the tightness is measured. We can know that the product is waterproof, water repellent or even dustproof. The range is between IPX0 and IPX9K. waterproof devices have a rating between IPX7 and IPX9k, while the waterproof device has a rating between IPX3 and IPX7.

Here are some of the best waterproof headphones that will allow you to enjoy music underwater.

1. model No.: Sony NW-WS413LM

Many interesting features of Sony NW-WS413LM attract a number of people. It only takes 36 minutes to fully charge, while non-stop playback can take up to 12 hours. It also has a flexible headband. This allows the user with a large head to adjust it perfectly. It also has a memory with a capacity of 4 GB. This will help you record a large number of songs. It also has an IPX8 rating which shows how well it is underwater! It also comes with ambient noise mode. It’s two-fold. Sometimes it plays the nearby noise too loud, which can affect your swing.

2. Finish Duo

Finis DUO is an awesome product on the market if you want to listen to music underwater. It is manufactured by a company that has its Expertise in the development of swimming products and, therefore, you can count on the quality of the product.

Bone conduction technology is used to transmit sound underwater. It also has different buttons for moving forward, rewind, as well as play-Pause and shuffle. The buttons are large and therefore you can find them efficiently. It is known that the available powered points become clogged and therefore regular cleaning is necessary.

It is extremely powerful underwater and easy to carry. It also has an IPX8 rating of up to 3 meters. The memory is 4 GB and is enough to store most of your songs. The only thing not found from this device is that it cannot work on land. Yes, you can only operate them underwater. They are also quite expensive.

3. Waterproof Helmet from AGPTEK

AGPTEK waterproof headphones are one of the lowest on the market. They are worth the price and offer sound quality at a reasonable price. It also provides sound insulation that helps to provide high-quality sound. Therefore, you can swim without worries and enjoy high-quality music.

If the ropes get tangled under the water, it only spoils our mood. AGPTEK waterproof headphones offer the best solution. It provides coiled headphone cables and therefore allows you to swim without thinking that the headphones get tangled. You just need to charge it for 1.5 hours and it provides 18 hours of juice. It has a whopping 8GB of storage space, which means that you can store more than 2000 songs.

4. Exeze WMR

Exeze WMR has arrived on the market with a waterproof headphone jack. There are different earplugs that come with the product, but the white ones (the largest ones) are recommended for swimming because they are the largest and can therefore be pushed deep. It also has a 3.5mm jack, so you can also insert your own headphones.

If you are not underwater, you can use the supplied bracelet to attach the MP3 player. However, when swimming, the procedure is somewhat different. The protective glasses are supplied with a headband. He has a good job and therefore you can count on the quality.

5. Tayogo waterproof bone conduction headphones

Music is transmitted through the cheekbones and, therefore, no direct contact with the ears is established. This is an important feature, because even people with hearing problems benefit from this technology. The sound quality is improved so as to eliminate ambient noise. This makes the overall performance of the device much more powerful. The drive has a storage capacity of 8 GB. More than 2000 songs can be saved and enchanted. The build quality is also wonderful and can withstand up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

6. i360

There is a huge Clip that will help you charge the device. In addition to the Clip, headphones are also provided. There are different headphones of different sizes and shapes. In general, the shorter ones are used while running, while the longer ones are used underwater. The sound quality is exceptionally good, although you need to increase the sound underwater. When using the device on land, the sound is audible in the normal range, but when swimming, you need to increase it.

Another thing that the device lacks is the size of the buttons. The buttons are extremely small, which makes it very difficult to use the Pause/Rewind/Fast Forward functions. It has an IPX 8 protection rating and has a lithium-ion battery. It supports battery life Up to 10 hours and has a storage capacity of 4 GB.

7. Flip Swimbuds

The Swimbuds Flip Headphones (Swimbuds Flip) are one of the best headphones that are widely recognized due to the price at which they are available. If you are strictly budget-oriented, then Swimbuds Flip is exactly what you are looking for. In addition, the build-up is also excellent and the cord is also strong. The sound waves are directed accordingly, which amplifies the sound underwater. The sound clarity is exceptionally good, which will help you rejoice while swimming. The tree-style spikes are there, which makes it nice to adjust. Different sizes are available, such as small, medium and large. Therefore, it is almost certain that you will find the perfect fit at will.

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