Huawei witnessed a decline in smartphone sales for the current year 2020 by 20%

Huawei seen declined in smartphone sales:

2019 showed that even under the pressure of very serious sanctions, Huawei could continue to increase sales. However, as we have said more than once, last year, Huawei’s main problem has just begun to outline itself.

Huawei witnessed decline in smartphone sales

Huawei witnessed a decline in smartphone sales

This is a ban on cooperation with Google and, as a result, the absence of search giant services on the company’s new smartphones. And this problem this year will be very serious for Huawei.

So serious that the company itself predicts an impressive decline in smartphone sales for the current year – by 20%, to 190-200 million units. This is still a huge indicator, but, firstly, a 20 percent drop is a lot, and secondly, it is quite possible that Huawei will lose second place in the smartphone market by the end of this year, and about the overthrow of Samsung from Olympus and no need to speak.

An additional problem for Huawei may be restrictions on sales of phones with new single-chip systems, and it is not yet clear whether the company will be able to get around them. In the end, the flagships need new flagship platforms, and mid-budget smartphones cannot endlessly equip the old SoC Kirin 710 Huawei.

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