OnePlus Launched New Series U1S TV

OnePlus Summer Launch has developed a new One Plus TV U1S series with three different series depending on the screen size. The company at the virtual launch conference of One Plus made this announcement on June 10, 2021. This smart TV offers TV lovers a theatrical experience at home with breathtaking 4K clarity. The report indicates that this launch represents a gap between the other two series of One Plus. This new TV launch will offer many more great features than the high-end One Plus TV U series from One Plus and the entry-level One Plus TV Y series.

Features and specifications

According to reports, the TV can be accessed in three different sizes of 50 inches, 55 inches and 65 inches. Each series has an LED-backlit LCD panel With a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels (4K) with a color depth of 10 bits, a DCI-P3 color space of 93%, a Delta E color accuracy of less than 2 and a maximum brightness of 300 Nits.

The TV screen also supports a refresh rate of 60 Hz, HDR10+, MEMC and HLG. One Plus powers the Gamma engine of this series, which uses more than 50 AI algorithms such as anti-Aliasing, super-resolution, noise reduction, FCC and much more to create a filmy viewing experience. The advanced Gamma engine gives you the most pleasant visual quality.

The TV supports Android TV 10, on which Oxygen Play 2.0 is installed. Improved functionality with 4-unit 30-watt reflex speakers with Dolby Audio support, matched with Dynaudio. You will experience perfection with real-time image quality optimization with realistic and fascinating sound effects.

The TV has three HDMI ports, an Ethernet jack and two USB ports for connecting to other hardware devices. The user can easily use the One Plus Connect app to control the TV function. In addition, you can enable child mode to block certain content. The OnePlus Connect 2.0 app allows up to five people to take control of it.

One Plus TV US1 has a data saving mode that you can use with other applications that run on the TV. It also has a Oneplus watch control function; whenever a Smartwatch connects to the TV, it turns off after 30 minutes when the user falls asleep.

Prior to the launch of the U1 S series, One Plus launched a 40-inch Y-series TV variant in India, which had a launch price. a plus, the TV-Y series has a 40-inch screen with a DCI-P3 color gamut of 93 percent. Compared with the U1 S series, the Y series TVs support the Android YV 9.0 platform.

It also has a built-in Google Assistant and a One Plus Connect app that allows you to control this TV remotely from your Smartphone. Two 20-watt speakers with Dolby Audio support enhance the functionality.

Brief hot features of the ONEPLUS TV U1 series:

  • 4K with 93% color space
  • Gamma Engine image quality improvement
  • 0.69cm ultra thin TV
  • Android TVs
  • Playing With Oxygen
  • One More Connect App
  • 4 units of 30 w Audio system
  • Dolby Vision HDR10, HDR10+, HLG (provide exceptional colors for real-time experience)

Designed Features

  • This smart TV is designed to stimulate your imagination and turn it into a real-time experience.
  • This Ultra-flat TV has a screen-to-body ratio of 95%; the carbon fiber pattern will undoubtedly offer you a realistic experience.
  • The metal housing of this TV is so thin and sturdy that it looks stylish and can easily be installed anywhere in your home.
  • The carbon fiber pattern of the TV gives it a simple, artistic and elegant sculpture. I must say that this is not just a television; it is a work of art renewed with sincere dedication.
  • Smooth Connection: This U1 S series gives you a smart connection between your phone and your TV. Several applications are available to offer you a smooth viewing experience. Type synchronization, intelligent volume control and quick application switching are some of the applications that make it easy to control the functions of the TV.
  • The unique thing about this TV is that you can send photos from your phone directly to your TV with just one click, no matter where you are.
  • A smart and intuitive way to share what you love with your family or friends. The Extended multicast function allows you to stream up to 4 devices on the One Plus TV 55U1.

This launch has made people curious to buy and experience this smart Android smart TV at home. You want to have a theatrical experience at home. According to people, U1 is a very convenient TV. As a technically affordable TV, OnePlus has not made any compromises on building materials. The OnePlus U1 S series TV is as beautiful from the front as from the back. The sights also enhance its beauty. You can say that it is beautiful by default, and it is worth bringing this product to your home.

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