Things You Need to Know about Apple Airtag

Apple unveiled its Apple AirTag tracking tiles at its first virtual event in 2021. In the same month, Apple began allowing its Find My app to locate lost items from third-party companies. AirTag intrudes into the vast global Find My network and allows you to find a lost item. keep location data confidential and non-identifiable with end-to-end encryption.

What is the Apple AirTag?

AirTag is a small, lightweight stainless steel disc with an elegant design with the Apple Logo on one side and allows free personalized engraving. and makes it easier for iPhone users to find and track their valuables using the Find My app. Precision search provides users with the precise distance and direction of their AirTag. guide them with a choice of sound, touch and visible response.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Apple tracking tag

Lightweight layout with a unique configuration

AirTag is a small and lightweight device with precise and polished stainless steel and is IP67 waterproof and dustproof. A built-in speaker helps locate AirTag, while a removable cover makes it easy to replace the battery. The simple setup connects AirTag to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

AirTag Accessories

AirTag accessory designed by Apple, which includes the lightweight and durable polyurethane buckle, as well as the leather buckle and the leather keychain. the specially tanned European leather is available in three beautiful colors.

A complete research experience

AirTag is configured once and appears in the New items tab of the Find My application. allows users to recognize the known current or recent location of the item on a map. When an object is misplaced and it is within Bluetooth range. The Find My app can use AirTag to play a sound that helps locate it. Siri can also find your object; AirTag makes a sound when it is nearby. Each Airtag is equipped with the U1 chip developed by Apple with Ultra-Wideband Technology, which makes it easier for iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 users to accurately find out the distance and direction of a lost Airtag within range. AirTag can switch to Lost mode and notify when it is in range. discovered by the extensive Find My network. AirTag supports accessibility features built into iOS, such as precision search using VoiceOver.

Apple Airplay availability

AirTag will be available in one and four packs from or Apple Store locations. and via Apple authorized resellers and some carriers (prices may vary) from Friday, April 30th. The accessories offered by Apple with AirTags:

  • AirTag leather keychain for IN BALTIC BLUE, Saddle Brown, Product Red.
  • AirTag leather buckle for in saddle brown and product red.
  • AirTag range of polyurethane buckles for in Electric orange, sunflower, deep navy and white.
  • Belkin Secure Holder with strap for in white, black, blue and pink.
  • Belkin Secure Holder with key chain for in white, black, blue and pink.

AirTag and Hermes

Apple and Hermès launch AirTag Hermès, an elegant combination of handcrafted leather accessories, including a key chain, a bag tag, a travel tag and a luggage tag.

Does Airtags store my private data?

AirTags do not store location data or communication history via The Find My app. and are end-to-end encrypted, according to Apple. AirTag keeps location data private and secure, and no one, including Apple, recognizes the identity. regional settings of a device that helps with search. The Bluetooth signals sent by AirTag often revolve around to avoid unwanted location tracking and detect an AirTag. notify the user if an not-known AirTag appears to be traveling from one place to another over time.

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