Which brand gets update on Latest Android faster on their smartphones

The Android 10 operating system more than six months ago, during which time many smartphones received the corresponding update, but some manufacturers turned out to be faster than their competitors.

Android 10 Update

Android 10 Update

Android 10 Update

Thanks to the latest ComputerWorld research, we found out which brands were the most active in terms of the speed of updating their smartphones to Android 10.

It is not surprising that the first place in this ranking is occupied by Google, which is always the first to update its Pixel smartphones to the latest versions of Android. The second place in the list was taken by OnePlus, which began updating its smartphones a few days after the release of the final version of Android 10.

Samsung surprised third place on the list, as previously the company was often criticized for not rushing to release updates for its smartphones.

Which brand gets updates on Latest Android faster on their smartphones

LG took fourth place, followed by LG and Motorola. ComputerWorld did not include Xiaomi, Huawei, and other manufacturers who promptly updated their smartphones. The fact is that the study was conducted with an eye to companies that are active in the United States.

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