Xiaomi bladeless fan | Youpin features a Daewoo F9 Bladeless fan

Daewoo F9 Bladeless fan on the Xiaomi Youpin collective funding platform. More precisely, there are blades, but they are hidden in the base and direct the flow of air that goes through the upper part of the structure.

 Xiaomi Fanless blade

Xiaomi Fanless blade

The advantage of such a fan is that, for example, it cannot injure children. In addition, Daewoo F9 Bladeless has an unusual shape, which can allow it to become an interior decoration.

The device has 9 speeds. The manufacturer describes the first three as the wind from pastures; the air is supplied completely silently. 4-6 speeds are compared with the mountain forest wind; 7-9 speeds are called the ocean wind.

The design provides uniform distribution of air in the room. In addition, it has two HEPA filters that help in cleaning the air. The formaldehyde removal efficiency reaches 95.2%. The degree of removal of volatile organic compounds TVOC is 89.7%.

The Daewoo F9 Bladeless fan supports a 60-degree tilt left and right, as well as a 20 degree, tilt up and down. In addition, the fan is equipped with physical control buttons on the chassis and comes with remote control.

The Daewoo F9 Bladeless fanless fan costs $ 139.

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